Origo Professional FR overalls

Origo Professional FR overalls

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Origo Professional FR overalls are made of flame retardant fabric consisting cotton-nylon blend, which is extremely tear-resistant yet relatively light.
This durabilty lets sufficiently increase life circle of flame retardant protective garment. 

87% cotton / 12% nylon / 1% Antistatic threads , 260 gsm, Satin weave 4/1,

Flame Retardant, antistatic yarn, Multi-risk

With weight only 260 gsm (7.7oz), Origo Professional garment meets the requirements of HRC level 2 (defined by NFPA 70E) with 8.2 cal/cm2. It is also certified to ISO 11612 and ISO 11611 standards for protective clothing. 
Moreover, Origo Professional FR overalls have additional Multi-risk treatment, which adds protection against acids, oil, grease and water. 
Multi-risk properties of the fabric is  confirmed by ISO 13034 certificate.

This garment is ideal for markets with warm climate and for use inside. It is an excellent choice for the field workers as well as for the managers of oil and gas companies. 
Due to elegant and smooth satin weave, protective clothing looks impeccable.

Fabric has flame retardant finishing. 
Made of 87% cotton, 12% nylon and 1% antistatic yarn it weights only 260 gsm and provides superior durability and
Multi-risk protection. 

Fabric  passed:

ASTM F1959 (Electric Arc Raiting): HRC 2
ATPV = 8.2 cal/cm2 , HAF = 76%

ISO 11611:2007 
Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes
Pass (Class 1 and 2)

ISO 11612:2008 
Clothing to protect against heat and flame
Pass  (A1, A2, B1, C1, E1, F1,)

BS EN 1149-3:2004, method 2 -PASS
Electrostatic properties. Test methods for measurement of charge decay


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